Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slow Recovery

Our recovery from whatever it was is slow! It has been five days for me and four for Norma and we are both acting like slugs around here. I had to drive down to Courtenay yesterday to pick up a Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 receiver that I bought off Craigs list. It was too good a deal to pass up, $260 for the latest version $400 receiver that had only been used for four months. I was gone only two hours but was exhausted when I got home. I am getting steadily better so I am happy with that. If it reverses, I will make a trip to my doctor.

I wanted to start installing the new receiver in the bedroom today but.... maybe later. I have to run an additional cable to the dish on the roof as the recording feature requires the second cable. It is not that big a deal but involves climbing into the attic and then onto the roof. I think I have a long enough cable in the motorhome.

Norma's deer found a new way to her flowers! They are staying away from the electric fence which seems to be doing it's job except in one place where they seem to be able to duck under it due to a depression in the ground. I will have to climb up there and move the wires down the post a little. We also watched one duck under the non-electrified gate across the driveway this morning. I never thought there was room there but there was. I slid the wire fencing material further down the posts and stapled it in place. We will have to watch it. They are determined to get at her flowers! It is an ongoing battle and they are by no means ready to surrender.

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