Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Tide Is Turning

Now that  Vancouver has won game one of the Stanley Cup Finals I can take some time for some other far more important stuff.

I was watching the news tonight and a remarkable statistic came up. The majority of Americans now support the right of same sex couples to marry! Yes, a majority! And in some States, a huge majority! New Yorkers support Same Sex Marriage by 58 to 36%! The other 6% have no opinion.... How can you have no opinion?

Anyway, the tide has turned in this latest Civil Rights battleground. All across the USA people are coming to their senses and realizing that the arguments presented by "The Sky Is Falling" alarmists are exactly what they appear to be: empty arguments. It does not threaten opposite sex marriage, your marriage will not be declared invalid. School kids will not be taught that Obama will force them to marry someone of the same sex, your kids will not be taken away from you and given to a same sex couple to raise. And no, it will not lead to your being allowed to marry a horse no matter how deep your affection. In other words, the sky is not actually falling.

It is not much of an issue here in Canada. Same sex marriage has been allowed since 2005 and I have never heard of anything negative coming out of it. It is no big deal here. I have no personal stake in the issue but I support it because it is the right thing to do. Most of my gay friends do not seem to be too interested in getting married. I can understand their hesitation after they have had all that time to watch the effect of marriage on their straight friends. Anyway, if they ever did get married, it would be one heck of a party!

Obama is still sitting on the fence on the issue. He is still saying "god is in the mix" and that he supports something "almost", "sort of like", "just about" real marriage although he also says his opinion is "evolving". Not good enough! It is all or nothing! This is your last chance to get on the right side of history. Change is very near. Evolve already!

Here is a chart showing the change in public opinion in the USA since 1988 . Pretty conclusive.


It is however, no time to sit back and celebrate the apparent victory. There are many other issues that need addressing. Transgender rights need fixing and kids are being bullied to the point of suicide because they are gay or are perceived to be gay. One State just passed a law preventing the words "gay" or "Homosexual" to be used in school curriculum! We are all the same regardless of sex, color, sexual orientation or expression. None of us are any superior or inferior to anyone else, we all have the same rights. That is what it is all about and it is up to all of us to take a stand.Obama must be reminded that he was elected to represent and protect the rights of ALL Americans.


  1. Of course that tide should have turned a long time ago - but sooner than later por favor!

  2. I think the law should be the NO ONE can get married. Then everyone would have equal rights even those couples, trios or quads that are living together. This would even give single people that are living alone and want to stay that way the same rights as everyone else. No preferred insurance rates for being married etc.