Sunday, August 1, 2021

Proof Of Life!

Sorry, I have not been posting but I have an excuse. For the past couple of years my life has pretty much been a daily rotation from my bedroom to the kitchen to the TV room - repeat ad nauseum.

I have had both Pfizer shots and have been following the recommendations of medical and government folks and have been staying pretty much at home except for exciting trips to the grocery store and the odd food takeout venues. I wear a mask whenever I am out even though the mandate has changed. I did break out on Fathers Day and spent four days at Brooks and LindsLee's place in Shawnigan Lake where I also got to spend time with both granddaughters! That was a welcome treat! Jayde lives in Vancouver and Sierrah in Victoria where both are busy. Sierrah will be starting Acupuncturist school in September so that will be interesting!

I have not had license plates on the motorhome for a year and a half so it has not moved out of it's parking place for a long time. My young friend Kelly, who keeps the house clean and the garden under control and then fights me when I try to pay her properly, put in a few hours in the motorhome a couple of days ago  and now everything is spotless and fresh smelling out there. Neither one of us had noticed how bad it was out there so it's good to get it done.  

Otherwise I am well. I can't highly recommend going through the pandemic without a partner or someone to talk to every day but many of you are doing that yourselves so I have little to complain about. I suspect the virus will be around for at least the rest of my life but am hoping that it will become under control to the point that transmission is slowed almost to a stop and effects will be minimized even more than they are now.

Anyway, everyone stay well and stay safe! I promise to not take so long to check in next time!