Monday, June 6, 2011

The British (Columbians) are Coming! The British (Columbians) are Coming!

This is the call heard tonight in Boston as Game Three starts. Listen for Sarah Palin and Paul Revere "ringin' their bells and warnin' the ... British"???!!! Oh yes, "ridin' his horse and firein' all those warnin' shots" (from his muzzle loading rifle) - quite the feat on a galloping horse!

Back to the Game!

Well, this was embarrassing.... Oh well...... I never was one to say we would win in four straight games! We do not want to win in Boston anyway, it will be way more fun in Vancouver.

I must take part of the blame for this humiliating loss.  I was watching by myself and did not feel it necessary to wear my new Luongo shirt. I will not commit this error again. I will wear the shirt!

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