Thursday, August 22, 2013

You Can't Name Your Baby THAT!

A judge in Nashville, TN has ordered that a baby's name be changed from Messiah to Martin, saying "There is only one Messiah". Her decision is being appealed because the judge is ultra-religious and has a statue of Jesus and Mary on her desk as well as the Ten Commandments hanging on her wall. And  the First Amendment thing.

Here are some other baby names that have been ordered changed by courts around the world.

New Zealand - Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, Stallion, Fish And Chips, Keenan Got Lucky, Sex Fruit.
Denmark - Anus, Pluto, Monkey
Sweden -Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb111163. When this name was refused by the courts the parents tried "A" as a second choice, which was also refused.
China - @
Dominican Republic - Dear Pineapple, Dummy
Germany - Matti. The court ruled that the sex of the child must be apparent from the first name?? Good thing you're not German, Rae, Clair, Pat, Robin


  1. So, I suppose any Mexican family living in Nashville is forewarned not to name their son Jesús.

    My mother would also be in trouble. Her name is Madonna.

    That judge gets the loonie award.

  2. Spelling-wise, my name is NOT gender-ambiguous. :)

    I had a babysitter whose name was France. Her parents had wanted to call her Daisy, but Daisy was not considered to be an appropriate name for a French-Canadian according to the Catholic Church. I think you can name your kid pretty much whatever now in Quebec, but changing that name after is almost impossible.

  3. It's Tennesee! Scopes trial and all, those people never moved away-ya know...

  4. Gotta wonder about the judge, but you also gotta wonder about some of the whacko parents who come up with the strange baby names. I mean seriously, life is tough enough for many kids. Wouldn't you try and make it a little easier on your own child by starting him/her out with a decent name?

  5. And then there's Frank Zappa...
    His daughter; Moon Unit
    And son; Dweazel

  6. It's bad enough that all of our girls (5) have "M" names and the boys (3) have "J" names. When trying to get ones attention quickly, it's almost faster saying all 5/3 names until you get the right one than figuring it out. LOL

    1. You're right Pat. My mother still called me by my older brother's name up until she died. And she only had two boys and one girl to keep track of!

  7. When I was a kid I searched the library and every phone directory I could find. I thought I had a strange name :)

  8. Are you aware of the research in the U.S. about the lack of income weird names guarantee. They showed how job applications submitted from odd ball first names do not even get considered for the job.

  9. We have a friend living in Victoria. She is a retired elementary school teacher from there, and she used to teach Grade 3 kids. She tells us of one of her pupils who had a "weird" name, it was spelled as you would expect it to be spelled, but pronounced Shi-thead.

    Sometimes placing the em-phasis on a different sy-llable makes all the difference.