Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Well, it had to happen. There is a hidden sliding gate between us and the front of the next door rental house that is only used when they fill their oil tank. They have  a wood burning heater they use most of the time so the oil hardly ever gets filled and the way the motorhome is parked you have to walk most of the way around it to check the gate. Something I never do.

Yesterday morning Norma got out of bed and let out a yell as she went running for the front door. I looked out to see a mom deer and one of her fawns munching on the flower garden. It takes two of us to corral them out the gate, if there is only one they just keep walking around the house in a frustrating game of merry-go-round. One of us has to go one way and the other the other way forcing them out the gate.

As soon as we got them moving they headed straight for the motorhome and out the little gate in front of it. Sure enough, the gate was wide open! I guess the neighbors had oil delivered and the delivery guys neglected to shut the gate behind themselves.

No real harm done, the flowers have pretty much had their day for this year. We had actually discussed leaving the gate open for a week before we left to let the deer do some trimming but that is over a month away. Anyway, after surveying the damage they did chewing one of the tastier plants right down to the roots Norma decided that plan is off the table now.

Mexico is calling me!


  1. Really hate when that happens, yes Mexico !

  2. This is my 3rd try at commenting on your post. Computers are strange,
    Anyway, our roses are great after being away for 3 weeks. The deer are chomping away at the Blackberry bush leaves and a bear knocked over the compost bin, but the flowers are great. You might want to try Bobbex.

  3. Croft when will you listen to this Limey guy...go to save on foods buy a bag of apples problem solved for Norma's flowers....cheers les

  4. I wish that event had been recorded. "Johnny get your gun"

  5. Mexico is calling me!