Friday, October 30, 2015

Starting Off Glitches

I was checking out the motorhome today to make sure it is ready to go next weekend and a couple of problems showed up.

The fridge does not want to work on gas. It runs for a few minutes and then the 'check' light comes on. I have tried it several times and the same thing every time. It works fine on electric. The furnace is the other thing. Sometimes it clicks like it is trying but shuts down immediately. I know I have gas because 1) it shows full, 2) the range burners work and 3) the hot water tank works on gas. Both items worked when we parked the rig in April.

These are two of the things I do not have the expertise to work on myself so I made an appointment at the local RV repair place for Tuesday morning. A very similar scenario happened a couple of years ago when the fridge and hot water tank would not work on gas. However that time everything repaired itself just by driving down to the repair shop. I got there and tried to show the guy that neither appliance worked and what do you know! They both fired right up and stayed on. You can't fix what ain't broken so that was that.

Monday would probably have been a better day but we have an appointment with the house sitter to show her around and we have to go down and but the motorhome insurance. Then I have to maneuver the rig out of it's parking place and aim it down the driveway.

I am not too stressed about this. Everything else works!


  1. Sounds like the burner needs cleaning in the fridge. It should be done every six months, so if it hasn't been done in that time frame, I'd bet money on it. Not a tough should really attempt it yourself.

    1. You are probably right. I left it on for a couple of hours and when I went back out the check light was on and I could smell gas.

  2. I was going to chime in to say the same thing Kevin did. That or you have an obstruction in a line. I don't work on propane stuff myself, so I'd be looking for help, too! Glad everything else is working!

  3. Ee use our coach fulltime and have very few issues with it now compared to when it was stored.
    I agree wit Kevin just needs to be cleaned out.

  4. A few years back we had a 5th wheel that had a similar problem. Turned out there was oil in the propane lines and that needed to be blown out. Apparently if you fill the tank enough times at stations that have pumps with leaky seals the oil that lubricates the pumps gets into your system and it takes very little to cause a blockage.

  5. Al comments by email:

    Hi Croft:

    It sounds like dirt in the burners (pieces of carbon).

    You RV guy will probably clean them, a vacuum would also work.