Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Water Pump Installed

On the way home we noticed the fresh water pump was leaking a little. There was a small puddle under the motorhome every morning and the compartment where the pump is mounted was wet. I had a good look with a flashlight and could see water beading around the pump where the two halves join together. I tried to tighten the screws without removing the pump but had no luck. I decided to replace the pump and try to fix the old one for a spare.

Pumps in our local RV repair place are over $200. I found one on eBay at an Elkhart, Indiana (where RV's are built) dealer for $58 US. It was out of the box but unused and the RV supply store had several dozen of them, likely unused stock from an RV manufacturer. I ordered one.

Today I made the swap. It is a different model than the one that I had and the intake and outlet are on the top where on the old one they were on the bottom. I had to use the old mounting bracket to lower the pump a little and I had to put a 2" wedge under one of the water lines but I got it in.

I called Norma and had her turn on the pump and try all the taps while I watched the pump for leaks. All was well. I left the pump turned on and will check it every few hours to make sure it remains leak-free.

Before and after photos. Note the piece of wood under the water line to make up for the difference in attachment points. I may build an insulated box to soundproof the whole thing.


  1. All the rvs we've had they put the pump in the hardest to get places. Our current rv has the pump under the refrigerator but you have to remove that famous Suburban furnace we don't use to get at it. Good job Croft!

    1. I am lucky in that it is not too hard to get at but it is fairly close to the ground so I was feeling my back by the time I finished.

  2. Looks like a professional installation and a good price.

  3. Nice to get that job done and a good price for the pump as well.

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