Saturday, July 9, 2016

Depressing Weather On The Wet Coast

I know I haven't been Blogging lately. It rained all night again which has been the norm around here lately. It has rained part of each day for as long as I can remember. When it is not raining it is chilly and overcast and Norma has not been able to get much done in her garden which is making her an unhappy camper as well. I have a repair job waiting on the bathroom sink where the taps have become very loose and wobbly. Repairing them means taking the sink out because I do not fit in the cupboard underneath. One of these days I will tackle it, maybe even today. Norma is strangely not bugging me about it so the pressure is off. It is a messy job and I will get wet.

We have become avid Toronto Blue Jays baseball fans because of the weather and because Shaw has decided to not show any Seattle Mariners games.

Our Blogging friend Rae is spending the summer house sitting in Bulgaria so that is providing some excitement to our dreary rain soaked days.

Our Arizona friend Shadowmoss just emailed to say she might be coming up for a visit. We will be happy to see her and to provide a contrast to the (almost too) hot sunny weather she has been getting in Mesa and Prescott. She has just become a full time RV'er so it will be interesting to hear what she has to say about that.

Anyway, the Blue Jays are warming up for a morning game so off I go! Have a great day everyone!


  1. The weather is getting us down too. And I have a leaky toilet to deal with, as soon as my back feels better...

  2. Have been following Shadow Moss and she seems to be getting this together.
    It will be nice to see here again on the island. We hope to meet up with her again this winter as well as you and Norma.
    Good luck with the tap repair and try to keep dry.

  3. Not bad here in Saskatchewan either. We've had rain every 4 or 5 days, but in between it's been sunny and around 24C.

  4. May 2014 sitting in your kitchen watching the rain come down. I thought it was great. I could sit there all day reading and looking outside.

  5. Rain? What is this rain of which you speak?

    I'll finalize the plans for my visit up there this week, then I'm off to Ely, NV for a week. Then I have an offer of help to fix the vent. He seems to think 10 years as a commercial fisherman maintaining his boat gives him some insight to watertight repairs. I'm thinking I need to hear what he plans to do to it. Pop some popcorn and let the hilarity ensue.

    1. "Rain" is like sunshine in that it comes down from the sky. "Rain" however is cold, wet and miserable!

      I can't think of anyone more qualified to make things watertight than someone who spent 10 years as a commercial fisherman. Have faith! I have popcorn ready!