Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Skirting The Porch

I raided Brooks' burn pile when we were down there and scored about a hundred short (2 - 3 foot) ends of nice 1X4 fir. They weighted down the trunk a bit but I got them home and today I skirted the new porch with them. Hmm.. 20 feet times three per foot = 60 two foot pieces or 120 feet = 12 ten foot boards. Wow! Saved me a few dollars! Thanks Brooks, you are still my favorite son! Love that burn pile!


  1. Great find from a scrap pile. Really puts a finish on it.

    1. It is top quality wood from his sawmill. Full dimension and way better than what we can buy at the lumber yard. His customers pay top dollar but get top quality. Brooks is the sawmill's best customer so they save him the best material. And I get the scraps! :)

  2. Nothing like recycling looks like you did an amazing Job !

  3. Nice look, good work and low cost = success.