Saturday, September 9, 2017

All's Well In Cuba!

Our son Brooks just got a phone call from our mutual friends Roly and Christy in Cuba! The Internet is not working but the phones are back up. They are fine. The eye passed close to them but offshore and the effects of the storm were much less than they had been told to expect. There was little damage in their area near Cardenas (near Veradero).

It was just a quick international call to report in, I am sure there will be more details from them in the next few days but it is a great relief to hear they are well!

On to Florida!


  1. That is wonderful news about Cuba, hope Florida does as well.

  2. They can only report on their immediate meighborhood, they do not know what is happening in the rest of the country/

  3. Roly's neighborhood is like a suburb to Havana, similar to where we live as Summerville is to Charleston, SC. The rural areas of Cuba, especially in the mountains with mudslides, will tell a different story. Catholic Relief Services in Cuba give a lot of aid and comfort in Cuba; we dropped off some items there and a little money while we were in Cuba in June. N