Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We Planted The Sign!

It has been a long time since Brooks gave us this beautiful plasma cut stainless steel address sign he made for us but we finally got it planted at the end of the driveway! It started out as a Christmas gift but we never got a chance to pick it up so it turned into a birthday gift for me in April and then a birthday gift for Norma in July! We finally pecked it up a few weeks ago.

I tested the dirt at the end of the driveway and found it to be hard packed with large rocks and very tough digging, it was going to take a younger back or some heavier equipment. We contacted the guy who is going to do our lawn cutting next year and he said he would be happy to dig the holes. And yesterday he did just that!

We (Norma and him) carried the sign down while I ran to the hardware store for some quick set concrete that we poured in around the legs and added water. That sign is not going anywhere.

It is a great addition to our house. Thanks Brooks and LindaLee!

It still needs a bit of landscape work but here it is!


  1. Love that sign you guys did a great job. What a wonderful gift.

  2. It is a beautiful address sign. So appropriate for where you live with the lighthouse insignia.

  3. Very nice Address Sign. You can do anything with a little Help.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. If you stand beside the sign looking the other way, you can see the actual lighthouse across the water on Quadra Island!

    1. Is this the lighthouse on Cape Mudge of Quadra Island? If so, I've read some bone chilling events of past ships trying to get their bearings through fog and snow near Cape Mudge. It was events that you would think could only appear in novels. The lighthouse keeper would strongly and loudly set down on his fog horn, but the fog would be as thick as pea soup, and ships would be helpless. Les got me interested in lighthouses, and from what I can tell, BC has more than an ample number of them and stories to go along with the lighthouses.

    2. That's the one, Cape Mudge. We knew the last lighthouse keeper there before the government automated the system and got rid of the keepers. They also changed the horn from a deep throated sound to a shrieking noise.

      There is a photo of the lighthouse in this post: https://croftsmexico.blogspot.com/2014/07/wow-factor.html

  5. You took the last photo at optical zoom 40X; yes, I could see the dot of the lighthouse on your first photo. Great lens! Looks like you were taking your shots standing on the road at the end of the driveway. Always wanted to do a trip with a theme of mostly old lighthouses. British Columbia has a high concentration of them. Just read that Campbell River Museum has the journals written by some of the passengers on ships of late 19th century and early 20th century attempting to negotiate Discovery Passage near Cape Mudge in hazardous weather conditions. For me, those would be page turners of true events.

  6. Yes, taken from the walkway across the Old Island Highway. I am still pretty impressed with the camera. The area has many old stories from back in the days before they blew up Ripple Rock in 1958 which presented a huge shipping hazard. I was living in Vancouver, a long way away when they blew it but even at that distance we were warned of possible large waves resulting from the explosion and in Campbell River, people were kept away from the seashore. Except for a bunch of dead fish, sea lions and probably killer whales, there was no damage.

  7. Great sign. Might have taken some time to get planted but, yeah, I doubt if it will be blowing around much. Nice job!