Thursday, October 3, 2019

I Need Cataract Surgery But My Brakes Are Fixed!

I knew my eyesight was going slowly downhill and my exam yesterday confirmed it. The doc has me on the 6 month waiting list for cataract surgery so that will probably mean in April 2020. They are doing the left eye (the worst one) first and then after that, the right, He says the goal is to have me driving legally without glasses and he sees no reason why that can't happen. He also said that virtually everyone either has had or needs cataract surgery by age 80 so at 75 (which I will be when it is done) I am right on schedule.

Brooks' neighbour mechanic did the motorhome brakes yesterday. Only the rear needed work, the front are fine. The cost was lower than I expected at $1400 and that included an oil change which was also long overdue.


  1. Nice to get your rv service taken care of for a reasonable price.
    carat surgery for me in April as well, left eye first then the right, it will be nice to get good distance eyesight back again.

  2. Good news on the brakes. Between those and your new eyes you will be ready to hit the road next spring.

  3. Waiting list for eye surgery?

    Hope it all comes out well. My wife had that a few years ago and her eyesight got better almost overnight. She had new lenses put in too so she doesn't need glasses anymore.

    1. Six months wait for free surgery, I could go to a private clinic and pay to have it done right away but there is no rush. I am paying for it with my taxes anyway so why not?

  4. Either way you have to pay no matter where you are.

  5. I had cataract surgery on my left eye when I was just 59 and the right about six months later. It should make a big difference for you. Good luck!