Friday, March 27, 2020

New Watch

My son got me interested in the Vostok diving watch from Russia. It is a company that started during WW2 to produce heavy duty watches for the Russian army. They were directed to produce a durable watch, good for diving (200 m) and free of any foreign patent infringements. The result was so good that the same watch is being produced to this day.

I ordered it on Ebay direct from a seller in Russia for $75 USA ($107 CAN) (shipping free) and waited for about six weeks for delivery. Mine is self winding.

I ordered the watch with black face and date but received a model with green face and no date. I complained and was quickly offered a $15 US refund if I would keep the watch. This brings the price down to an even more reasonable $60 USA. Otherwise they will pay the postage to return it and will ship the proper watch. I would really like the black one but have been wearing the green one for a couple of days and am getting used to it. I just might keep it.

the writing on the dial says
31 Jewels
Made in Russia

EDIT - I just accepted their offer of the $15 USA refund (20%). I am very happy with how they handled this.


  1. Turning out to be a good buy and the dial is unique.

  2. I bet that in a crowd of 100, you will be the only with a green