Thursday, August 13, 2020

George's Drive In

George's Food Bar
There is a tiny hole in the wall Chinese take out "order at the window" restaurant in Courtenay, BC called George's. Norma and I stopped there every time we passed it. Norma was an extremely light eater and never emptied her plate except when it came to George's! She LOVED their hamburgers, would eat every bit and then lick her fingers clean. They were that good! I am not a burger guy but his fish and chips were equally as good! A little on the greasy side maybe but crisp and delicious! We stopped every time.
Two or three years ago George died and his son tried to take over the business. Things did not go well for him and he was not open very often, I think he had another job. In fact his openings were very unpredictable and he was never open when we drove by.
Well, today I was at my eye doctors and passed by George's on the way home and IT WAS OPEN! The son was there and it looked like his mother was helping out as well. Sadly though, he was out of fish so I had to leave! I do not yet know if the son's fish and chips are as good as his dad's.

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  1. These are certainly tough times for any small business. Maybe they can get it up and running again and build back a customer base.

    1. From what I saw yesterday he has made some changes for the virus. The window is now solid plastic except for a small slot at the bottom for talking and passing cash. Food seems to be handed out through the door from around the corner. It would sure be nice to see the place come back but like you say, times are tough!

    2. Being out of fish yesterday may have been a good sign. Maybe he had sold out and not just under purchased.