Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Step Too Far!

This is going way too far!
My RVing friends, an American couple living in a very "Red" State had someone fire a shotgun twice at their anti-Trump lawn sign! It happened late at night on their quiet country road, no one was injured and the house does not appear to have been hit.
Here is the local TV News story on the incident:
 Nebraska: Life as a Democrat in the 'reddest' corner of America


  1. Violence is now the rally cry of tRump losers. As displayed in Texas NY and NJ

    1. Was that Bill from "One Day More"? I thought he had someone shoot up his sign once before.......apparently the perpetrators have been emboldened by tRumps encouragement.

    2. It is the same Bill and is the same sign shooting. It happened shortly after he put the sign up, I am just late reporting it. I did not want to make it public until I asked permission. This is a news report done by the French media (France24) going across the country doing reporting and happened to see the sign.

  2. Were not the "protesters" (rioters and looters actually) also a "step too far"? Yet I saw almost nobody on the left speak out against it..... until it started to affect the polls.

    Wrong is wrong and I don't care what political persuasion you happen to be. This was wrong and so was the over 100 days of rioting in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, and all those other places that Antifa and BLM turned into cesspools.