Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Finally, A New Car

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 I am the proud owner of a 2015 Kia Sorento! My friend Mike in Victoria checked the ads and made a shortlist of what I wanted. Our second stop was the Victoria Mercedes Benz dealer where we found this little gem. It's a beautiful, clean, low mileage car that I am picking up Monday after a detailing. I think I got a good deal and Mike thinks I got a good deal.

A Tale Of Two Dealers
Dealer 1: Selling a 2016 Hyundai Tucson AWD. 76,000 KM $22,600 ($17,023 US). Auto Trader said the price was about right but I told the salesperson it was at the very top of my budget, maybe higher. she said go for a drive. It drove beautifully, I loved it. She gave me the printout and the total was $26,500 ($19,900). I offered $23,000 (what I told her my budget was) all in and she "took it to her manager", came back and said, "sorry". No counter offer, just, "If you change your mind..." I really expected her to counter with $24K or $25K. I would have paid $24K but not $25K.
Dealer 2 (Three Point Motors Mercedes): 2015 Kia Sorento AWD, 105,000 KM. $18,500 ($13,900 US). Auto Trader said it was $2,300 UNDER market value. I hummed and hawed and the salesman said, "Try it, it's the end of the month so there might be some flexibility". It drove great except for a feeling that I had to keep "correcting" the steering. I had Mike drive and he said the word he would use was,"The steering isn't really confident". We went back and the salesman said he would send it to the alignment shop. He gave me a (conditional on repairs) printout with a $20,600 total. I said $18,000 all in would work, he countered with $19,000 ($14,300 US) and we shook hands. It cost me $3,900 under what Auto Trader said was a fair market value and $7,500 less than I would have had to pay for the Hyundai! I get the final say on Monday after a test drive after the alignment.
I have the car!
It passed a full alignment check. I was told what I was feeling was the electric steering. There is no traditional steering column but the steering wheel drives a sensor which in turn tells the steering box what to do. The "feedback" feeling is totally different and takes getting used to. 
It was ready by 2 PM after a detailing. I haven't driven a brand new car for many years but I can't imagine one feeling any better than this Kia! I am more than happy with it. It is higher and wider than the Mazda as well as much heavier but feels great driving. I picked Penny up and we drove out the highway to Sidney, BC for an early dinner on the ocean. Buying this car was a smart move that I should have done years ago. The chorus of, "I told you so" can now start!
The Old '98 Mazda Has A New Home!
It had/has many minor problems and needs some tender loving care. Other than that, it has been a solid, very reliable car and has great bones. It has had no accidents and zero rust!
I gave the car to my former daughter in law Colleen (my granddaughters' mom) and her new partner, Ron. They are restoring it to much of it's former glory and I can't believe how much they have done in just one day! Ron has almost fixed the rear power window (wiring problem) and is about to tackle re-finishing the headlights while Colleen has a plan to replace the sagging headliner with new stuck on fabric from Fabricland where she works.. 
It is so good to see some new life breathed into the old beast, it was too good a car to throw away. It will help them out so it is a classic win-win situation and the car stays in the family!


  1. You are a shrewd negotiator Croft. Well done.

  2. You just have to set your limit and don't go over it. I had the luxury of not needing to make a deal right now, the Mazda was good for a while longer if I needed it. A really good negotiator might have squeezed a little more out of them but I was happy.

  3. I edited the text to add US prices.

  4. There always used to be 10% leeway in the asking price. Now it's like pulling teeth to negotiate 10% off the price. Supply and demand I guess.

  5. Sigh. The Mazda is gone. Long live the Kia.

    1. That Anon post is Shadowmoss. Not sure why I keep getting logged out of Blogger.

    2. The same thing is happening to me Paula. I have to sign into Blogger several times before it "takes" and sometimes not even then. I'm glad I'm not the only one!