Sunday, July 7, 2024

Motorhome Test Drive!


Great Test Drive!
Yesterday I had six new tires installed on the motorhome for $1,600 and decided to take it for a drive to 1) burn off some of the five year old fuel in it and 2) see how it runs with the new brakes, tires, transmission service, etc.
I headed south and drove it to Union Bay where I pulled into the beachfront parking area and walked to the little grocery store to buy something to eat. Back in the RV, on a whim, I did something I knew I shouldn't do, I hit the start button on the generator. A couple of months ago it refused to start. I cranked it for several minutes and it didn't even attempt to fire. Two weeks ago when I put insurance on it I tried again, using every trick I knew. Still nothing, crank but no start. I phoned the local generator shop and made an appointment for July 10. He warned me that a no start condition could be quite expensive to fix and to be prepared for the worst.
Well, back to the beach at Union Bay. I hit the start button, it cranked for about two seconds and started! It sounded smooth and strong! I let it idle for a few minutes and feeling very lucky, I turned on the roof air conditioner. I could hear the generator take the load but it handled it easily. I then put a cup of water in the microwave and turned it on as well. No problem, it carried both loads easily and was running smoothly. I headed home and ran the generator and roof air all the way home, about two hours. The generator still needs servicing but at far less cost than it was looking like.


  1. Great news! Did you enjoy the drive?

    1. Just like old times Barbara but with no one to talk to.