Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Free!

Well, not quite free! The 5% Federal and 7% Provincial Sales Taxes are paid, insurance is paid, registration is complete and the temporary Texas Plates are off! I added a Daylight Running switch to the headlights to conform to Canadian Law and the Tioga is now legal! Now I start the little jobs that have to be done to make it comfortable like adding a solar panel and controller, wiring a cable to bring the Satellite signal in and replacing a troublesome lock on a small outside door. I will be adding to this list as I go. I also have to take out a lot of the "stuff" that accumulated in the old rig over the years that never gets used but adds a lot of weight and takes up space.

Then I have to get it down to the body shop to repair a pushed in aluminum door on one of the basement compartments where a neighbour greeted us home by backing her car into the motorhome! She evidently had been using our driveway as a turn around spot while we were gone and didn't notice the motorhome parked there! There is not much damage but it is the first blemish on the rig so I want it fixed. Paint matching will be the problem, I am sure.

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