Saturday, April 5, 2008

We Bought A Motorhome!

We finally replaced the old motorhome! We bought a 2005 Tioga Class C, 31 foot, Model 31K, on a V-10 Ford E450 Chassis in "as new" condition here in El Paso, Texas. It is exceptionally clean, and has only 4,400 miles on the odometer! Norma says the kitchen appliances look unused. The kitchen / living room slide will give us almost double the usable space of the old unit and it is still small enough to handle Mexican roads and campgrounds with ease.

We got a call from J.P. at Camping World Sales, the same place we looked at the Monaco, telling us that a unit had just come in that we should see. It had not even been washed yet but we were the first ones to look at it and we liked it right away. It drives much like the old one so I was very comfortable with it and the big V-10 will pull the car with no problem. Unlike the Monaco, we do not have to stretch our budget to handle this one. They are checking everything out and getting it ready for us today and they will store the old motorhome until our son (the new owner) can fly down to pick it up. Once again, it was a pleasure to deal with J.P. and the Sales staff at El Paso's Camping World. Unlike Canadian RV salesmen, they are not high pressure down here.

We go back this morning to pay for it.
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  1. Congrats on the new-to-you Tioga! Mine is a 1999 with no slides, only 26' but since I'm solo it works out just fine.

    Be sure to get yours weighed....even if you end up overweight like me, you know by how much and can work on reducing it. Since I had my solar added, my right side was heavier so I'm working on moving weight to the left as well as losing 700# (lofty goal, eh?). LOL!

    I also discovered that even though I THOUGHT I could tow 5000# with the E-450 chassis, when I got the actual specs from Fleetwood, I could only tow 3500#. So I had to change what I was looking for in a tow car, downsizing from my desired Jeep Liberty to my new-to-me Suzuki Grand Vitara.

    Good luck..I enjoy your blog!

  2. I can now see "The Adventures of Tioga and Croft." Enjoy the new lifestyle enhancement and safe travels.

  3. That's GREAT, Norma & Croft!! Looks brand new... enjoy every single mile from today forward! See you in Maz this coming winter! Lee

  4. Have really enjoyed reading your blog. My wife and I will be right behind you in another two years, once the wee one is out of school!
    We live in Richmond, I work as an outside sales rep for a roofing materials supplier and my wife is a flute teacher/performer. My travels over the last few years have taken me to C River where I have sold to the Windsor Mill Sales yard and the Home Hardware.
    Best of luck, hope to meet you sometime. Doug MacIntyre