Saturday, September 6, 2008

Solar Panel Installation

I have been wanting to install solar panels on the new motorhome since we bought it in April. Our needs are very low, just enough to keep the batteries topped off while it is parked and to allow us to boondock for a couple of days at the most. Canadian prices for solar panels are about double the USA prices so we had decided to wait until we are in the States. I then found a deal at Costco’s online site for four 15 Watt panels complete with all the wiring, a controller and an inverter for $318, shipping included. This was a pretty good deal so I ordered it.

Yesterday I finished the installation. I stole the design from "Stan" on the Escapees RV Forums and it looks pretty good. Thanks Stan! I had to buy some aluminum angle to mount the panels and I passed the wires down the fridge vent and into the battery compartment. I checked the batteries early this morning and they were sitting at 12.8 volts and right now, after about three hours of sun, they are at 13.5 volts so everything is working! Free power from the sun!






  1. what brand and size are your panels? looks like you did a great job on the installation.

  2. It was a package deal from Costco Chris. A 60 watt (4 X 15) Sunforce kit. Each panel is 16" X 43". It is designed as a stand alone system but I used some aluminum angle and copied the mount from Stan on Escapees. It does look pretty good if I must say so. Thanks for visiting! Here is the system:

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