Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trik-L-Start Installed


When we brought the new motorhome home, it sat parked for a couple of weeks. When I tried to start it the battery was dead. I could find no obvious reason for this and the battery had been replaced when we bought the rig in April. I charged the battery and all seemed to be well but I was still concerned. I had a small 1.5 amp solar charger that I placed on the dash and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. That kept everything charged as long as the sun hit the dash for a few hours each day. However, this would not be too convenient when we are camping as we might be parked in the shade or facing the wrong way for extended periods of time.

I then discovered the Trik-L-Start. It is a small electronic device that is wired to both the coach battery and the start battery. It provides a small charge to the start battery when the coach battery is being charged which because of the new solar panels is pretty constant. As soon as I completed the wiring (I hard wired it in instead of using the included battery clips) the “Charging” LED came on. After an hour or so it switched to “Maintaining”. Now my life is even easier!

Only five weeks until we leave for Mexico!

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