Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hinton to Kamloops

The jerk with the running semi stayed parked right in front of us pretty much all night. If the drone of his diesel had of stayed constant all night I could have managed to sleep but it kept changing frequency as his reefer cut in and out. I thought of moving a couple of times but the thought of putting the slide back in made me hesitate and by then the diesel changed frequency allowing me to drift off again. This went on until three or so when he finally decided he had ticked me off enough and he moved on to the next Wal Mart.

Don’t get me wrong. I have great sympathy for truck drivers and I also know they have to keep their reefers running while they sleep. What make me mad is when they see someone in an RV is parked and sleeping and they pull right up beside them to park, knowing they are making it impossible for anyone to sleep. This is what ticks me off!

The resulting quiet made for a great sleep for the rest of the night and it was almost ten when I awoke. We headed into the Rockies, stopping once to take some shots of a Big Horn Sheep that was wandering across the highway for a drink from the lake. We made only one other stop for a very expensive sandwich from the Mt. Robson Cafe and Visitors Center before turning South on Highway 5 for Kamloops. We found a Wal Mart that we stayed in before and had dinner at Montana’s Steak House. We get two channels on the TV so we are set for the night. NO IDILING TRUCKS so Life is Good!


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