Monday, June 15, 2009

Kamloops to Home

We got a good rest in the Kamloops Wal Mart. It was very quiet and cool enough to sleep. Perfect conditions. We visited the dollar store where everything actually IS $1! The had packs of three pens with Canadian flags on them for $1 so we stocked up. They make great gifts for children in Mexico.

We stayed on Highway 5 to Hope where we turned onto Highway 1 to Chilliwack where we stayed in yet another Wal Mart. The sleep here was not quite so peaceful as they chose that night to power sweep the parking lot. But it was free so what the heck.
We stopped early that day because Norma wanted to visit Chilliwack's Minter Gardens. It was very nice and we spent a couple of hours strolling through the gardens. This inspired Norma and she bought a bunch of plants to take home to her garden.


DSC_3112 DSC_3096

We caught the 12:30 ferry on Friday and were home around 5:00. The drywallers we hired to do the back bedroom and the TV room ceiling had not finished (read barely started) as promised and the living room and bedroom was full of furniture with no room to move around! Luckily we have another bedroom parked in the driveway so we will be spending the next few nights in the motorhome.

Note: We found out the workers lost the house key after the first day so they had to wait for us to come home to finish! After all the effort we went to to make sure we would be gone when all the mess happened.....

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