Thursday, July 2, 2009

26,000 Visitors and Beginning Winter Plans

This humble Blog is going to hit 26,000 visits today! When you add the number of hits on my old Blog that chronicled our 2006 - 2007 Mexican tour it totals over 41,000! This is very humbling for me and to think that I could come up with enough content to keep people coming back is almost beyond belief! It started as simply a way to let friends and family keep track of us as we headed off into the unknown wilds of Mexico for the first time. People started forwarding it to others and readership started growing exponentially up to the point where it is now.

Many of you have stuck with me even after we got home from our latest Mexican adventure, perhaps in the hopes that we will soon head off for another. We will be doing that in late October and things will get a little more interesting on the site.

Plans Are Starting!

We are starting to make plans for the next trip. Luck came our way a couple of weeks ago when Rae, a fellow RVer and Blogger who is full-timing in Canada expressed an interest to come to Vancouver Island for the winter. We immediately offered a parking place at our house where we have an RV hookup and this offer was quickly accepted. This will keep our house insurance company happy and she will have access to my workshop to perform some modifications to her motorhome. A win - win situation!


  1. Congrats!

    Amusingly enough, my next post was going to be about my plans for the winter. Can I name names? :)

  2. No problem Rae, I have modified my post. It will be great to have you here!

  3. October must surely seem a long ways off some days, Croft. Still, I enjoy peeks into your Canadian life every now and then. Your part of the country seems particularly beautiful.