Friday, July 3, 2009

TLC For The Honda

The poor neglected old 89 Honda got some much deserved attention today. It was my dad's car which I inherited in perfect condition in 1997 with only 30,000 KMs on it. Since then I have put an additional 220,000 KMs on it and done only the minimum amount of maintenance. The old girl simply refuses to quit. It has been dragged behind the motorhome across North America several times on it's dolly and another two times through Mexico. If the front end has 250,000 KMs on it, the rear end must have close to 300,000.

Last year in Mexico it started boiling over. If faced with any kind of an uphill run the temperature gauge would peg on the "hot" side and it would boil over. This *might* have been because the anti-freeze was twenty years old. Because of this we started carrying a couple of gallons of water in the trunk. The tires had 110,000 KMs on the front and close to 150,000 KMs on the back so it was time to pay some attention to her!

Today I treated the lady to a new set of tires and a radiator flush. She was very grateful and promised to perform well once again in Mexico this winter. If she does she just may get her two little spots of rust fixed and a new Mexican paint job.

Nice new shoes!



  1. Why do you mis-treat your poor car like that? Just yearning to go out and buy a new one? Have you changed the oil this century? LOL

  2. Point taken Don! Oil changes are actually one of the things I do regularly on the old girl. I guess that is why, with 250,000 KM on her, she willingly revs up to 6000 RPM the odd time when I need it.

    It has a small oil leak in the engine gasket that causes a bit of a smell when it is first started but, after getting an estimate of $2000 from a Yuma Honda dealer, it has remained unfixed. I never have to add oil between changes so it does not leak very much. I may give a Mexican mechanico a crack at it this winter.

  3. I inherited my father's Dodge Spirit, also with 30,000 KM - doubled that and then some and the thing won't die - a 1993 I took over in 2002. Need to get it to Mexico as my truck is playing dead here ;-(