Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Class Action Settlement!

I was just notified that I was entitled to a share of the multi-million dollar class action settlement from I joined several years ago when we had our forty year high school reunion. Classmates is like a virus. It is impossible to stop your membership and they were always trying to get me to upgrade from my free membership to the $10 per year one which is even harder to get out of. They kept sending me notices that someone in my class was trying to get hold of me and if I sent them some money, they would tell me who it was.

My share of the huge settlement is estimated to be $10 but of course I have to pay my share of the legal fees which will take $8 or $9 off that amount. All I have to do is fill out a complicated form and mail it to new York.We can rest easy that there will be another rich lawyer because of this effort.


  1. I just read the fine print and evidently I have to be an American to get this huge award! Too bad!

  2. lol I also joined a few years back and I'm still getting email saying classmates are trying to contact me with their name shadowed out...and if I upgrade like you they will tell me who it is...who care right? lol it drives me crazy so now their notices just go to my junk mail...
    take care