Thursday, August 18, 2011

Satellite Pointing Made Easy

I found this on a forum tonight. It is another way to find your satellite signal. You will need:

1) A GPS unit that will give you your present location in Lat & Lon (most have this feature)

2) A computer on the Internet on the Dishpointer site.

Set up dish making sure it is perfectly vertical
Enter your Lat & Lon in the first window of the Dishpointer site
Enter your desired satellite in the second window
Dishpointer will now show your exact location on a Google Map with the path to your satellite highlighted
Set the Google Map to Satellite view and zoom in on your location
Get your skew and elevation settings from Dishpointer and transfer them to your dish
Find a landmark on the Google Map and point the dish at it. It may be a  telephone pole, a building or whatever
You will now be extremely close to the perfect setting. A little tweaking might be necessary.

Slightly different method. If you do not have access to your Lat and Lon then find your location on the Dishfinder map by using the address of your location. The location cursor can be moved around to fine tune your exact location with your mouse.  Either way, get the green cursor to your exact location on the map.

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