Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clean, Clean, Clean

It is almost time to park the motorhome. Our parking space is shared with the two cars and the dolly so the motorhome has to fit quite close to the hedge separating us from the neighbour. The rotten neighbour, not the good one. That meant a lot of work.

First the paved parking area had to be pressure washed. It had a years accumulation of dirt, grease, gunk and gravel that had been kicked onto it from the commandeered space between us and the neighbour's house. The "other" neighbour, the one who had the police pointing guns at him when we were away. We have four neighbours, not counting the one at the back who is too far away to matter, This neighbours house used to be owned by our friends, Dave and Doris, and we made the agreement with them. We could use the eight or ten feet of space in front of the parking area for the dolly and to park the front ends of our vehicles on and they could use the five feet of extra lawn area behind our shed. A good agreement for everyone as both respective spaces are unused by and useless to their owners. We have not talked to the guy with the police problem, I haven't even met them. I talked to someone downtown who claimed to know the current out of town owners (it is a rental) and they said the guy was was standing either on his porch or in his front yard waving a gun at passing traffic. Probably a common occurrence in the USA, but not here in Canada, it makes you stand out. In fact it got the RCMP SWAT team pointing their guns over our fence and yelling orders at him to come out.

Just a note, we are not on the "wrong side of the tracks" here. This sort of thing is pretty much a once or twice in a lifetime thing. I hope.

We finished pressure washing the parking area and then decided to wash the side of the motorhome that would be against the hedge. It is not really accessible once it is parked there so now was the time. We added the front and back and then decided, what the heck, we may as well do the whole thing. It hadn't been washed since Las Vegas and had tons of bugs embedded in the front.

That got done and then we decided that as long as we have the pressure washer and bucket out, we may as well do the house windows.

We have tried everything with the house windows over the years. The house is only a hundred and twenty feet or so from the ocean and we get a lot of salt spray. We started using Windex and paper towels but that only spread the dirt around. We eventually tried a professional and watched carefully how he did it. He used Dove dish soap in a bucket of warm water and scrubbed the windows with a brush on a pole, much like the brush we use to wash the motorhome. That is now our preferred method.  Brush on Dove and rinse. It does a good job and does not even need drying. Mind you, we have very good tap water here in Campbell River so no streaking or water spots.

So that is what we are going to do after this coffee/Blogging break. A busy Sunday. It is what people who do not go to church do on Sundays.

I am getting over the election loss. Slowly. Not happy about it. Except for that, Life is Good.


  1. I miss the Campbell River water.

    I wonder if a product like Rain-X would work on house windows? I use it on my vehicle windshields and noticed that they got a lot less icky on the beach this winter than did the other windows.

    I'm attempting to rake my 5,000sqft property. In some areas, the leaves are inches thick and have turned to humus. Back breaking labour! We're both going to deserve a drink after this afternoon!

    1. Rain-X... Humm... It is sure worth a try.

  2. Glad to hear you are recovering from your election disappointment. I have refrained from commenting earlier because as you might guess I am not really a fan of your political views, but I do like the blog and enjoy the Mexican travels.

    1. I did guess that John ;). I will learn to live with the loss but I will not get over it.

  3. It's always nice to hear that all the fruitcakes aren't in the U.S. Too bad that one is living near you though.

    I'll have to try that dishwashing detergent trick. Of course if I clean the windows it will probably bring rain but I'll have to risk it. I know rain for you is definitely in the cards.

    1. They say here in BC, "If you can't see the mountains, it is raining. If you can see the mountains, it is about to rain".

      The rain woke me up at about 3:00 AM and it is still drizzling. The windows are nice and clean though.