Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dishwasher Part 2

We drove down to the local Brick Store where the dishwasher was on sale. Norma immediately upgraded to the one with the stainless steel door for $100 more. That is OK, I would have done the same. So he starts doing the paperwork. Do you want the five year warranty? If you don't use it, you get the money back in five years in the form of a store credit. So it is like free then? Yes. Well, OK. Do you want to take advantage of our buy now, pay in 16 months promotion? Sure, why not? We can deliver it on Saturday, is that OK? That would be great, thanks.

He then handed me the invoice to sign and said, "Your total is one thousand three hundred and something. WHAT? The dishwasher was $699! What is that $299 charge? That is for the five year warranty. That is half the price of the dishwasher! Forget it, I will take my chances. What is that $199 charge? That is the "administration fee" for the "interest free" buy now, pay later plan. Forget it, I don't want it. I will pay for it now. What is that $99 charge? That is the delivery charge. Does that include disposing of the old dishwasher? No, that would be another $25. Forget it, my buddy with a pickup will do it for a bottle of beer and the old one can go down by the road with a "FREE" sign on it and it will be gone in an hour.

You really have to pay attention when you buy something in Canada. In Mexico if something is 999 pesos, that is what you pay at the till, 999 pesos. Not 1700 pesos. That would be dishonest. Here if is just, "Maybe he is not paying attention".

Anyway, we bought it. Anyone want some stainless steel scrap? Come and get it.


  1. Yes, the Brick and several other chain stores are famous for the 'add on' charges. I have never purchased anything from the Brick and, based on your experience and others I know, I never will. I prefer to buy from the small private guy at equally good prices.

  2. I would have bought a used one from kijiji for $250 or less and not paid any taxes either. But that's just me.


  3. Croft, you said what I was thinking before I got to the end of the post. Oh brother, it's like buying tires, what a rip off.

  4. Ha! I especially like that part about the buddy who will do it for a bottle of beer. Those are the best kind of friends to have.

  5. Knowing Croft's buddy like I do, it might take more than 1 beer.
    The Brick is notorious for their add ons. Even Sears has better deals and customer relations!

  6. "What is that $199 charge? That is the administration fee for the buy now"

    That is over the top - basically interest - call it what it is - or do I look THAT stupid!

    While Mexico does feature the price is what it is...they have interest rates that are borderline, no they are, criminal. Always best to pay cash and run.

    1. A Mexican friend, a lawyer, told us what he pays in interest for his Visa card. Yes, it is over the top!

  7. Usually used a small town dealer for appliances, very competitive prices, excellent service and free delivery too.

  8. Interesting; good thing you had your reading glasses!