Tuesday, June 4, 2013

50th High School Reunion

Last weekend was my 50th High School Reunion in Vancouver! It was in 1963 that I graduated from Kitsilano High School! It was a fun weekend.

The school is still standing but will be closed for four or five years while they do earthquake upgrades to the structure. It will re-open in 2017.

There was a Meet And Greet social on Friday night but the acoustics in the hall were so bad that it was very difficult to talk (or perhaps it is our hearing??). The next night was dinner and dancing at the Point Grey Golf and Country Club. Here, it was much better! About 100 people showed up, some bringing non-Kits spouses but most flying solo. Most people were recognizable but some were not. Old girlfriends were there, two still friendly to me, one not so much. Wow, fifty years is a long time to hold a grudge!

The host for the evening was Pamela Burge, "Pam Da Monium", who went through school as Tim Burge, a male. He went on to become a very popular DJ on AM radio in Vancouver, it was only later in life that she decided to make the changes necessary to become who she really was. Most but not all of her classmates were very supportive. From the stage, she nominated herself "The Most Changed" grad. She ran unopposed! She was surprisingly nervous, something she addressed from the stage. "I introduced The Rolling Stones at the Vancouver Coliseum back in the 60's and they were a half hour late!" "Now here I am in front of 100 of my friends and I am shaking like a little girl!"

It was a fun night. Drinks were $8 each so I did not drink too much, the food was good and it was a blast to catch up. I will be at the next one!

Here I am. What a geek!


  1. " Old girlfriends were there, some still friendly to me, one not so much. Wow, fifty years is a long time to hold a grudge!"

    You can't leave us hanging like that! ;)

    Wow, 50 years. You haven't changed a bit. Well, the hair appears darker in the picture. :)

    My 20th is coming up fast, but I would never attend any reunions.

    1. From the cold shoulder, colder stares and abruptness when I talked to her, I figured there was some unresolved issue but for the life of me, I cannot recall what I did to make her that mad. But, I'm a guy, what would I know?

  2. I could have picked you out of a line up! You haven't changed! A grudge after 50 years, well maybe this winter you'll recount the story!

  3. Sounds like a fun time see some of those "old" people again for the first time.

  4. Um ya, "former girlfriends", was one of the reasons I gave my high school reunion a pass a few years back. Just figured it would be too awkward. I suppose I'm just a big chicken.

  5. Celebrating my 50th as well (can you believe we are still kicking ;-) I however will not be attending - do not like Southern California - will not be returning.