Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer! Finally!

Summer might finally be arriving on Vancouver Island! There has been a heat wave in the US Southwest and part of it seems to be heading this way. It is actually warm (and dry) enough today to leave the doors open and get some work done outside. I just leveled the concrete bird bath base and placed the bird bath on it. Last year a deer knocked it over and broke the pedestal. They are fairly expensive so we delayed replacing it. The other day we realized my sundial is sitting on an identical concrete pedestal which could be replaced by a lighter plastic pedestal that was not being used.

A few minutes in the workshop built a wooden adapter to modify the sundial to fit and we now have the concrete bird bath and the sundial standing again. The birds have already found it and are busy splashing and cooling off.

The sundial. The plastic pedestal needs a paint job.

The bird bath.

Norma tending her roses.

I found a new lens on eBay. A Sigma 18-250 with image stabilization for $375 plus $10 shipping from the USA. They are selling locally for $500 plus 13% tax ($565 total) so it will be worth the +/- ten day wait while it is shipped. 


  1. There you go again blaming those poor deer...Norma looks cute..have a great holiday weekend..Les

  2. Glad you are getting some of our heat; take more, please!

    I've had good luck using construction adhesive, like Liquid Nails, to put concrete back together. We had a big chip in our birdbath & Liquid Nails did the trick. It is also fairly close in color to concrete!

  3. Very creative, Croft! But it works, right?

    Enjoy the great weather.....and Happy Canada Day to you both!