Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stoop Labour

Yesterday and today I am the Weed Killer! We are having our annual patio get together with our friends here this weekend and the concrete block patio is full of weeds. I have a formula for weed killer (4 liters vinegar, two cups salt and a good squeeze of  liquid dish soap) that works well but is tough to apply. I started out with a squirt bottle, going along every joint, pulling weeds and squirting. It took most of yesterday afternoon to do half the patio.

Today I am trying something different. I found an empty dish soap bottle, filled it with the formula and gently squeezed out a stream along the joint. It is going much quicker but is using much more product. That is fine because I have lots of vinegar and salt, thanks to our friends Dave and Doris who are moving and are trying to reduce the amount of stuff that has to go into storage. Dave stopped off yesterday to drop off a spare concrete pedestal for my sundial as well as salt and vinegar. Thanks Dave and Doris!

I just did two rows of blocks and took a break to watch the Zimmerman trial on CNN. Well, back to the stoop labour.


  1. That sounds much nicer to mother earth than what you can buy at the local hardware store.

    1. That is the idea Pat. Plus, the patio smells like french fries! Ah! Memories of Vancouver's Spanish Banks on a hot summer day!

  2. Yep, a good formula for sure. I hope we get to see pics after your down with your labor.

  3. Does that formula truly work? I've tried similar concoctions in the past with little result. If your formula works, I'll write it down, mix a batch and give it the old college try!

  4. Interesting concoction. I have to do the same thing with the paving stones on our patio. Thanks for the tip.