Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bird Neighbors

About three years ago I built a couple of double decker bird houses out of Brooks and LindaLee's scrap cedar. I thought they were pretty nice but no birds moved in. They sat there in the highest reaches of the pergola with "vacancy" signs on them.

A couple of weeks ago a pair of White Crowned Sparrows started showing an interest in our feeders and bird baths. They came around a few times a day and soon started sticking around all day. A few days ago I was looking out the window and saw some movement at one of the bird houses. Sure enough, in a minute one of them flew in with a beak full of twigs. They were fixing it up to move in!

They are great neighbors. They don't spend much time indoors, preferring nearby branches and telephone wires. Their sharp "peeps" greet us when we walk out the door and they are always the first visitors to my feeders when I refill them. They seem to like it here.


  1. How nice to have new neighbours who merely peep on occasion. Good on you for building the condos.

    1. I love having birds around! There are a pair of eagles nesting nearby, I cannot see their nest so I don't know if it is on out property or the condo next door. They are always entertaining with their loud vocalizations as they fly over.

  2. Nice neighbours you have! Not too nosy either!

  3. Nice to have some new neighbours thats are singing to you.