Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Eagle

One of our resident eagles came for a closer look at us today. He landed in the tree about 20 feet from our patio and stayed for a few minutes to check us out. Long enough for me to get a photo anyway. He is one of the one year olds that was hatched in the trees behind the house last year. His head will start to turn white next year.

Note: A couple of you were wondering how that weed killer formula worked on the patio blocks. Well, it worked great! It killed the weeds dead and the next day whey were easy to pull out. The entire patio took six litres of vinegar.


4 liters white vinegar
2 cups salt
big squeeze of dishwashing liquid (to make it stick to weeds)
Shake well to dissolve the salt

Be careful, it will kill anything it gets on (grass, flowers, etc)

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  1. Nice pic of your resident Eagle, nice of him to pose for you.

  2. Great shot. Your weed killer sounds similar to a Shell Busy home made weed killer product but I like yours the best.

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  4. Great photo of the one year old eagle. Nesting by the ocean, as they do, gives them first dibs on the fish prey that washes ashore. Lovely raptors they are!