Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"Norma, can I please bring my babies in to look at your flowers? I promise we won't eat them.... Pleeeeze???

I spent the day puttering. I went down to Home depot to buy a four bulb fluorescent shop light. It was $54 and of course came with no bulbs which were another $35 for a box of ten. I then managed all the electrical wiring without shocking myself. I will have to keep the two 100 watt bulbs over the workbench for now because the new shop light is in the middle(ish) of the room and my body casts a shadow on the workbench when I am standing in front of it. I could use another two bulb fluorescent fixture over the workbench. That will be another project. Maybe tomorrow, can't rush these things.

It rained last night, something the grass and flowers needed. Oh, what to do today?
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  1. Find a two bulb halogen light to go over the bench. I got one at home despot ten years ago. No shadows.