Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wasaga Beach

We got up this morning and started loading the borrowed car with stuff for the cottage at Wasaga Beach. I set the GPS and the woman in the GPS and my sister had a little competition to tell me the way to go. It turned out they agreed with each other and we arrived after a two hour drive. I unloaded the car before Don and Riitta arrived. Don had a couple of cold beer for him and I and we relaxed on the deck,

It is about 26 Celsius with 30% humidity. Very tolerable. There are no bugs here this year so I think we will be spending a lot of time on the deck.

The other good news is, the Rogers Internet stick works just great here as well. It was a good investment!

We are going to have a short rest before going for groceries and beer. So far I have been drinking only Don's so I better get some in.


  1. Replies
    1. At Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Life Is Good! Despite the rain that just started falling.

  2. We love our Rogers, works pretty well everywhere we go. In Ontario.
    Now at the beach enjoying life but sure can't run out of beer!

  3. Can't wait to see just a couple pics. We had rain when we were there too, but at least we found out that the roof of my sister-in-law's new to her cottage didn't leak. ('Cause wowsers did it ever rain!)
    Have fun!

  4. Amazing how other people's beer always tastes better...

    1. I have noticed that Peter, it is very true!

  5. Rain or no rain, it sounds like a great place to sit on the deck and relax. Rain actually sounds pretty nice as it's still bone dry here in the Island.

  6. Glad you came to Ontario. You will be in for a shock when you go to buy the beer. Then maybe you won't, coming from Bring Cash.