Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blogging Funk

I have been in a Blogging Funk lately which you may have noticed. Nothing much has been happening and I have been lazy. I am doing maintenance around the house but only what has to be done. My ambition is low. I can't blame the weather, it has been great. Warm and sunny for the most part. Catching up:

1) Norma had her appointment with the local denturist who told her she had problems with her $40,000 implant job. No kidding!. The bottoms were great but the posts in her top jaw had migrated so they were no longer in contact with the magnets in the dentures. He sent her to a specialist who X-ray'd her and advised her to have the posts removed. That is happening today. She then waits for the swelling to go down and if necessary, returns to the denturist to have the magnets removed from the denture and repairs made to fill in the holes. This will effectively undo half of what the fancy pants "specialist" brothers in Victoria did. The bottom plate will remain bolted in place forever while the top will be just like any other denture. Hopefully the pain will stop and costs can be kept in check.

2) Beau, Norma's lawn boy, came to the door yesterday and called me. "Croft, you better come and see this. You won't like it". I followed him to the far end of the patio and there, under a chair, was a dead cat.  It had been there a day or two because the fly activity was advanced. Yuk! Norma said it looked like the neighbour's cat so she went over to tell them in hopes they would take care of it but no, their cat was alive and well. I got my shovel and placed the cat into a plastic bag and disposed of it. I don't know what it died of but I have rat poison on the floor of my workshop.

3) Our friend Brian was over for coffee the other day and gave us a fancy exterior wall lamp he had bought in a garage sale but had no use for. It matched one we already have on the patio so he thought we could use it. I bought a couple of fluorescent bulbs for it, wired it to an extension cord and tested it on the front of the workshop last night. It is low wattage but it gently lit the patio and looked good. I will mount it and wire it in properly today. Thanks Brian!

4) It was time to stock up on my meds for the winter so I ordered them from my pharmacy. Yesterday I went to pick them up and immediately noticed that one of the meds, Xalatan eye drops, were Pfizer brand and not the generic I had ordered. Knowing there was a huge difference in price, I questioned the pharmacist. I was told they were out of the generic but Pfizer had a program where they will cover the difference in cost between their brand and the generic. I guess they are trying to get customers back, He showed me the bill where he had made the adjustment. A bottle of name brand Xalatan from Pfizer that lasts one month costs $30+ while the generic rings in at $10+ for the same amount. Pfizer had indeed covered the $20 difference for each of the nine bottles I had ordered.

5) Finally, it is Sept 11 today, the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on New York City. I still remember being hunkered down in an RV park in Bend, OR watching CNN 24 hours a day as the drama unfolded. It was a trying time for the people of the US and for those of us visiting their country at the time. However, as bad as it was, it was over in a very short period of time. We have to remember the people of Gaza face this terror 24/7, year round with their aggressor being subsidized and supported by Canada and the USA. It is insanity!


  1. Although we no longer have a cat, we never were of the opinion that a cat should be allowed to roam outdoors. If they never get let out from the time they are young, they'll never know the difference. That way they won't meet an untimely end, nor prey on the bird population. Someone lost a cat, and there was no need for it.

    1. We had a cougar in the back a while ago that got the entire family of raccoon that lived here and delighted in going through our garbage several times a week. It is not a healthy environment for animals around here.

  2. You are getting a few jobs done, too bad about the cat, but these things do happen.

  3. Yes, 9/11 isn't just about us. Millions have lost their lives since then because of the U.S./Canadian actions.