Wednesday, October 8, 2014

But Guys...

These E30 Bimmers look like so much fun to drive!


  1. I still think if you got it for $1K or even less you'd have wiggle room to make some repairs, barring the engine falling on the ground. You should ask if the A/C has been converted to 134A (or did they come out that way?)

  2. If anything, it will be a hobby, as long as you are mechanically inclined and have the tools and the budget. Sure looks like fun, I must confess...

  3. I owned a BMW 325 IS. It was the best car I have ever owned and driven. Mine was a 6 speed manual and I put it through its paces. My son took it over and he drove it for many years before a a newbie driver (under the influence of drugs or alcohol) rear ended the Beemer and ended its road life. Other than routine maintenance, brakes, tires, one timing belt and one replacement chip ($40), the car was bullet proof. I am a fan of BMW products.