Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wind Warning!

We are currently under a wind warning as well as being threatened with power outages.

The areas in pink are the high wind areas. We are between the words "Skytracker" and "Comox".

Parts of the Island are already without power but we are OK so far. I went out a while ago to check the motorhome and gigantic raindrops are falling! We are getting almost no wind so far but that could change quickly.

We usually have the added security of being able to move into the motorhome if things get too bad but we have to wait till Friday for propane so we are not much better off out there right now. It was a dumb mistake to run out of propane! Anyway, the fireplace insert is loaded with paper and wood and is ready to keep us toasty warm. We have lots of firewood.


  1. It's pretty quiet down our way, Croft. No wind and looks to be not a bad morning coming up. I'll have to check our weather report as I never heard about the wind warnings - probably because I quit watching TV weather reports on the news as they're so wrong a lot of the time.

    1. It was much ado about nothing here as well as it turns out. There was a little wind but not much. Rain continued all night but what else is new?