Thursday, January 1, 2015


11:45 PM. That is how close to 2015 I made it before heading off to bed. Not a big deal, we celebrated the New Year with the ball dropping in New York City. Norma persevered for an additional twenty minutes or so just so she can say she did.

It was COLD overnight! Just above freezing. Tonight we have a freeze warning so I disconnected and drained the water hose after filling the on-board water tank. Next we high-tailed it to the sale at JC Penney's and bought an electric mattress pad with dual controls. This will be much more effective and cheaper than keeping the electric heater on low.

There appears to be a warming trend coming but they have said this before. We really do not know what we are going to do come the 18th. Stay tuned.


  1. The warming trend will be very welcome.

  2. We'll work hard on trying to move some nicer weather south when we fly back next Monday. Good thing for the natural hot springs pools, eh?

  3. Good idea about the electric mattress pad but what a way to start the New Year. It's only 78F this morning and I had to wear a jacket on the beach. That is cold for us.

  4. have posted a couple of comments that never showed up or disappeared here? In any case Happy New Year to you and Norma. Low in the low 70's and highs in the low 80's and lots of sun - you gotta love it!

    1. Sorry about the comments section John, I don't lknow what is going on. Thanks for the wishes. Low 40's and low 60's here right now but everyone says this is unusual and will improve. I have heard that before.