Sunday, January 18, 2015


Wow! What a nail biter that was. I expected a close game but I never thought Seattle would find themselves down fourteen points! Oh well, all's well that ends well!

What about Sherman? I think he finished that game with a broken hand. What an attitude! I would not want to be the coach who tells him he cannot play!


The park Internet has been very difficult to get on lately and if you were lucky enough to get on, it would drop you in a short time. I gave up today and bought 30 days worth of my Virgin Broadband. All is good now.


  1. Too bad we missed the end - just to nervous to watch and the salsa music and good conversation were calling us to the beach. Great news though!

    1. They certainly came alive at the end! The will not be able to get away with only showing up for the final quarter at the Big Game though. They had better put in a few hours of practice.

    2. There's a cartoon going around with Wilson and Rodgers with Wilson saying "We'll spot you 16 points, throw 4 interceptions, and only play the last 3 minutes."

      Pretty close.

  2. Of course now they have to face a real team... ;)

  3. It was an unbelievable finish....! Phew! I concur that to wake up in the last quarter, at the Super Bowl. could cost them dearly.

  4. Never a doubt! I like the 'Hawks of course but my other fav team is the Patriots! Tough choice but I'll be a winner no matter what!