Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Algodones Dental Experience, Day One

We got up at 6:00 AM this morning for our 7:30 departure on the three hour trip to Algodones, Mexico and the Sani Dental Clinic. It was only 11:00 (Algodones time) when we arrived and my appointment was not until 1:00 PM but we thought they might take us early and that was what they did. We had a room booked in the hotel that is owned by the Sani Dental Group. I headed into the waiting room and they gave Norma a ride to the hotel where she checked in.

They called my name and I got a full scan x-ray and was sent back to the waiting room. A half hour later I was called in for a consultation. I thought (hoped) I could get away with a simple filling but that was not the case. They pointed out where I had suffered a lot of bone loss around the back tooth holding my bridge in place. In fact they pointed out that the back tooth was just "floating" and not supporting the bridge at all. Two more of my four bridges were in trouble as well and had to be replaced with implants and new bridges but he thought one of them might be good for another year or two and could be put off for now. He gave me a price of $6300 USA for the full job, $2200 today and another $4100 in six months! I signed my name and went back to the waiting room.

Soon I was called back and talked to the dentist who would be doing the actual work. He said he really felt the other side had to be addressed now instead of waiting. I agreed and he revised the estimate up to $8100 USA, the first $2200 to be done tomorrow after I started on the antibiotics he prescribed for me as there was a current infection going on.

They gave me a voucher for two free nights in the hotel and I walked to the hotel where Norma was waiting. She was in the coffee shop where she had just ordered some soup and I joined her. After the soup we walked to a neighboring bar/restaurant where we had a margarita and then downtown where we had a cold beer. It had been a long day so we walked back to the hotel to put our feet up before looking for a nice place for dinner.

At about 6:30 we headed downtown only to find that every restaurant was closed! They roll up the sidewalks after the gringos from Yuma cross back over the border. We walked back to the hotel where luckily they were still serving food. Norma had a beef fajita and I had cheese enchiladas. Everything was good but I could have used a little more food, I should have had a double order.

Well, off to watch TV and get to bed early, it will be a tough day tomorrow when they are removing the bridges, pulling several teeth, deep cleaning the rest and grafting some bone. I suspect I will have a sore mouth when they are done. The majority of the work including the implants will be done in six months when everything has healed.

Welcome to Mexico, no guns por favor.

Soup. Very good actually.

The room. Free if you don't consider the $8,100 USA.

Margaritaville. I needed this!

With live music.

And more booze!

More tomorrow (if I feel like blogging).


  1. We can only wish you a truly good outcome. All the best with the day(s) and months ahead Croft.

  2. That sounds like some major dental work, seems like a lot of money for Mexico.

  3. wouldn't be less expensive just getting some plates rather than the implants - that does seem like a lot of dough.

  4. That's a lot of work, but it's good that they're spreading it over an extended period. Sylvia's Dad and his wife had $11K worth done in 8 days, and she's still uncomfortable after more than a year. Mind you they drove back to BC in 2 days right after the last session which couldn't have been comfortable.

  5. Wow! That's a lot of work. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. Best of luck!

  6. an consolation I had 5 implants and crowns and bridges and no pain or soreness good luck and best wishes les

  7. That's close to what I paid for an entire upper All on 4 upper implant denture. Well, within $3k of it anyways.

    Do you know what it would cost in the US?

    1. I did not get an estimate in the US Don. I just know from other's experiences (yours included) that it would be three or four times more.

  8. You should have them take you to Kashas if you want some good food.