Friday, August 19, 2016


We are having fun with our visitor from Mesa! Paula was our neighbour in Mesa for the last two years and decided to come visit us on our home turf! It is her first time in Canada! She flew from Phoenix to Seattle and then rode The Clipper walk on ferry over to Victoria. I drove down to pick her up on Wednesday and we spent the night at Brooks and LindaLee's. The next morning we headed out, stopped for breakfast at The Pioneer House on the Malahat and drove up to Campbell River.

The weather has been just perfect from our point of view but Paula's Phoenix, AZ blood feels just a little cool in our low to mid 80's weather!

Like I say, we are having fun and Norma is keeping us all fed. Paula has tried out the walkway on the ocean and today we took a tour of the town. The week will fly by quickly!


  1. Nice to have Paula there to show her some of the beautiful Island that you live on, have fun !

  2. I can relate to her feeling chilly in 80 degrees. I know she is going to have a fantastic time with you guys.

  3. Wow, I hope she gets to try salmon eggs benedict and see gets to see a cruise ship go by.