Saturday, August 27, 2016

Painting The Rock

There was a guy with a ladder down on the beach today and when I went to investigate I saw him painting a new Orca Whale on the rock. Now this kind of graffiti I can handle! Every time Norma sees our mayor downtown she asks him to please sand blast the rock clean. Maybe this piece of art will start a new trend!

While I was there I decided to get a better shot of our Summer Olympics Man. He was built from driftwood by our friend Steve who Norma gets her fish from. Steve has climbed the rock every time canada won gold to add a medal to our man.


  1. I like the driftwood man in the rock and the whale, too bad about the graffiti.

  2. Good thing it wasn't an American because the medals would have weighed him down to the point of toppling off the rock. ;)

    1. Keep in mind Don that the population of Canada is lower than the population of California so taking that into consideration, we did pretty good.