Friday, November 17, 2017

Job Jar

The motion detector security lights at the back door quit working sometime over the past year or so. It is not something we test often, if ever, but I noticed they were not working when I went out for firewood the other night and they did not come on. I checked the local hardware stores and they do not seem to be something they stock, strangely enough. I found one online at Home Hardware for $45 and ordered it.

It arrived in a couple of days and yesterday I installed it. A pretty simple operation. Take it down, unscrew the wire nuts from the old one, connect the new one, remount it on the wall and operate the "test" switch. Success!

Now we have functioning lighting when I go for wood in the dark. Or when a burglar comes to the back door!


  1. Surprised you didn't use the LED Technology from the RV To your Home. Have to keep those utility costs down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They will only be on maybe ten minutes a month and I had some old bulbs to use up.

    2. We still have the old style motion sensor lights in the backyard and front yard. The raccoons, gators, hawks, owls, and deer walk and fly all around the backyard at night, so I need to get some better drapes for the master bedroom. I know those lights are good protection, but when they go on and off many times at night because of the critters passing back and forth, we can't get any sleep. Beach says the best (and most expensive) answer is put up a fence (however, fences don't keep hawks and owls out). The cheapest answer is a custom made blackout drape.

    3. We solved the deer problem with a fence and gate system but the raccoons have found a way in. Gators are not much of a problem up here unfortunately but i suppose they can be pests as well.