Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Expenses, Last Winter vs This Winter

Around this time of year I usually do a cost breakdown of our winter's travels. We did not travel this winter so I thought it might be valuable to explore the difference in costs staying home vs traveling.

It is a big difference.

First, one of our biggest costs last winter was my dental work in Mexico ($6,500) and I will take that out of the equation.

So the bottom line is, after taking out the dental expenses, we saved around $16.250 by staying home! The dates I used were November 1 to April 30.(6 months).

The big expenses we had last winter that we did not have this year were:

Medical insurance       $4,300
Motorhome Fuel          $2,000
Motorhome insurance  $700
Dining out                    $1.600 last year and only $220 this year
Groceries                      $4,700 last year and $3,400 this year
RV Park Fees               $3,500
Ferries                          $700
Hotels                           $300

RV, dolly, vehicle repairs  were $4,500 I excluded this in my calculations  It was an unusually expensive year in this category.

RV park fees were kept low because we got long term rates in Mesa, AZ.

There were lots of other minor expenses but these are the biggies. "Groceries" in the US includes booze. In Canada it is separate and I hardly buy any in Canada (still have left-overs from the US).

We have pretty much been hermits this winter and hardly went out for dinner at all.


  1. We spend next to nothing while we are in Mexico for the winter. I believe that we get by on about $1500 per month and that includes our $460 US pad rental(includes water and power), groceries, eating out and beer. Interesting to know what we spend but having pinched pennies for most of our 50 year marriage now...I just don't care anymore! Plus I'll bet you don't want to spend another winter at home if you don't have to...I know we don't.

  2. Good thing booze was included in with groceries. You and I put a pretty good whack in that number.

  3. Croft, I'm sure you saved a bunch not driving as much in southern US last year with motorhome, but how much was gas for car and propane expense last winter? Also, at home this winter, what was your home heating expense this winter, propane for cooking, and fuel for car? Sometimes I just use estimates.

    1. Gas for car last year $210 This year $130
      Motorhome propane last year $190

      Electric an Natural gas this year $1,100 Not much more than last year when we had house sitter.

      Electric last year in mesa RV park was included in pad rent

    2. Fry's Groceries in Mesa paid out rewards points in free gas and that filled the car once or twice.

  4. PS--also electricity for this winter, as it should be higher than when you are in southern US.

  5. Yeah, but you didn't get to see ME!

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