Saturday, April 28, 2018

Surprise Visit!

We had a couple of surprise visits from our niece Robin a few days ago! She lives in Alberta and was out here in BC to visit her uncle on her dad's side (me) and her aunt on her mother's side in Comox. It was great to see her as Robin and I have always had a close relationship.

We spent a few hours catching up on our lives and family and on Thursday night the whole group met down the beach at the Driftwood Cafe for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and a fun time was had!


  1. Great family picture! Tell Norma that she is wearing a gorgeous blouse; love the flowers on it. She has now put a burr in my saddle to go shopping for some spring clothes!

    Saw your Croft wine vineyard in Portugal on Mexico Kid's blog. Informed Les that you need to visit and lay claim to it. Hope you and Norma are feeling well and have a spring in your step.

  2. Good to see a picture of all of you. How are the summer trip plans coming along?