Sunday, September 2, 2018

Catching Up!

We have been home for a while but after having set up my new computer I discovered it has no SD card reader! After a frantic search I discovered I had no SD memory card reader and could not post my photos! I ordered a new reader from eBay but that will take ages so I kept up my search and finally found one!

Here are some of Karen and Ruairi's wedding shots. Karen is the youngest daughter of our niece, Robin from Lacombe, Alberta. The couple met while they were both working in Hanoi, North Vietnam, she as a teacher and he as a scuba diving instructor. It was a great wedding on Karen's brother's farm. They rented a huge tent for the dinner/party and a blowup Irish Pub for the bar. Thirty-five people came from Ireland, all ready to party! Those Irish women know how to dance!

The couple will be returning to Dublin where Ruairi will be working as an engineer and Karen as a contributor for an environmental magazine. They also want to return to Vietnam to live at some point. They are a truly International Couple!

The Party Tent

Blow-Up Irish Pub! With a real Irishman (Karen's boss) walking by!

Ruairi and his Best Man

Karen and her proud dad, Bruce

And they are married in an interesting Celtic ceremony of Handfasting! Hence the term "Tying the knot".

Karen and mom (Robin) at the campout we had in Dumheller after the wedding

Mary and Mic Hand, parents of the groom. All the way from Dublin!