Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Resting In Kamloops

We decided to skip our planned visit to the Okanagan and to take a more direct route home. We had a few reasons with the heavy smoke in the air being the foremost. We are also socialized out and exhausted from the Six Day Irish Wedding. We will come back to the Okanagan to visit all the folks we wanted to see.

We drove from Revelstoke to Kamloops and checked into the Kamloops RV Park which it turns out is situated only a few feet from both the Trans Canada Highway and the railway tracks. It is as noisy as most truck stops but they can somehow justify their $47 per night rates. They do however have great showers with endless hot water which we both took full advantage of.

We have been incredibly either lucky or skillful at setting up our satellite dish but this time we had problems. After finding the settings and checking the Dishpointer site We started the usually quick process of locking in on the bird. Well we tried for two hours with only a flash or two of signal. I knew there was a tree but was convinced this was not interfering. Eventually our neighbour came out to help. He had sold the system in Alberta and had a pretty good eye. He figured the tree actually was in the way and made a suggestion that led to this

Redneck Tripod Solution:


  1. Nice that your neighbour helped with the dish , I like your tripod, you look like a news reporter for a tv station lol..

  2. $47!!! Highway freaking robbery. Yikes, I'd have a cold shower for that price. Don't you have the satellite finder app on your phone? Works great but the phone needs to have a built in compass sensor for it to work.

  3. Woke up this morning to nearly clear skies! The Okanagan should clear up today… I like the dish solution!